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I.Performance and Purpose

It is made up of supporters on both two ends and several V-shape Polyurethane sealing ring. It is mainly used as hydraulic cylinder seal of hydrostatic testing machine. As it is designed by using multiple sealing rings with high strength supporters on both two ends. It has better sealing effect and longer use-life.

II.Working conditions

According with several standards about hydraulic testing requirements:such as API 5CT/ISO11960:2011, GB/T9711.1-2011, GB/T9711.2-2011,etc. for Petroleum and natural gas industries—Steel pipes for casing or tubing; GB8163 - 2008 for seamless steel tubes; GB/T3092-2008 for welded steel pipes.

Working pressure: ≤ 120 MPa

Working temperature: -20℃~+80℃

Working medium: water, emulsion, hydraulic oil

III.Material: Polyurethane+ intensive material

IV.Design standards

Refer to GB/T3672.1-2002 tolerance.

V.Sample for ordering sign

Marked the type, size and order No. of the sealing components, Order No. only is also permitted.

Example:TypeV170X140X80 Order NoY605

VI.Product dimensions diagram

Type and Groove dimensions

Groove dimensions
Sealing type
Order No.
D(H7) d(h9) H+0.2
1 V60×45×35 60 44.990 35 I Y601
2 V65×51×35 65 50.900 35 I Y602
3 V75×55×35 75 54.990 35 I Y603
4 V130×100×80 130 99.880 80 II Y604
5 V170×140×80 170 139.855 80 II Y605
6 V185×165×55 185 164.855 55 II Y606
7 V205×175×80 205 174.855 80 II Y607
8 V340×300×90 340 299.810 90 II Y608
9 V385×345×85 385 344.810 85 II Y609


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