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Shield machine seal components


Shield tunneling machine, referred to as "shield machine." It is a kind of special construction machinery for tunneling. Modern shield tunneling machine integrates light, machine, electricity, liquid, sensing and information technology. It has the functions of excavating and cutting soil, conveying soil ballast, assembling tunnel lining, And other functions, shield machine has been widely used in subway, railway, highway, municipal, hydropower and other tunnel projects.


When the shield tunneling is carried out, the construction sites are mostly in the ground or in the mountain body. Sand, gravel or mud constantly erode the shell, especially along the sealing gap between the cutter rotor and the front shield shell. The main drive system or the main bearing wear or scrapped, affecting the normal operation of the equipment, serious or even cause the entire tunnel project scrapped, suffered heavy losses.


The reliability of the sealing element between the rotor and the front shield is very high, and the reliability and life expectancy of the seal element directly affect the normal use and the progress of the shield machine equipment.


Beijing Jiankefeng Science and Technology Co., Ltd. based on the actual use of shield machine on-site needs, combined with the strength of the company, designed to develop a multi-lip large shield lip seal, it is simple, reliable, Long, to meet the needs of the market. This new type of shield machine lip seal ring is now in the South City Tunnel project applications, to meet the requirements of complex geological conditions, the use of good results.


The company is vigorously promoting the market, and applied for a utility model patents, patent number: 201320079650.0.


Working conditions; tunnel, subway excavation

Working pressure: ≤2MPa

Operating temperature: 10 ℃ ~ 75 ℃

Working medium: water, sand, mud, grease and so on

Material: special polyurethane

Design standard: GB / T3672.1-2002



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