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Scroll compressor seal


The compressor has the advantages of simple structure, small volume, light weight and high reliability, small pressure difference between adjacent compression chambers, small leakage volume and high volumetric efficiency. The static and dynamic disks are not in direct contact, the friction loss is small, the mechanical efficiency is high, Saving energy; multi-cavity at the same time work, torque uniformity, low noise, long compressor life, and many other advantages, widely used in various industries. But its high precision machining requirements, must be used for precision machining equipment; high requirements on the sealing ring, sealing mechanism is complex;
The company through years of research and practical application of the test, not only mastered the scroll compressor radial clearance at the leakage of factors, and for related issues, developed for different plate materials, wear-resistant sealing material, and to achieve self-compensation Of the flexible design structure.
Our design and production of the scroll compressor air ring has the following advantages:
Unique sealing material for proper mechanical properties
Superior flexibility to match the durability of the life cycle
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