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1. Performance and Use

The V-shaped sealing ring is composed of brackets at both ends and several V-shaped polyurethane sealing rings in the middle. It is mainly used for the sealing of the oil cylinder in the hydraulic testing machine equipment. Due to the use of multiple sealing rings and the use of high-strength skeleton support at both ends, the V-shaped combined sealing ring has a better sealing effect and a longer service life.

2. Working conditions

Compliant with API 5CT/ISO11960:2011, GB/T9711.1-2011, GB/T9711.2-2011 and other oil and gas industries-oil and gas well casing or tubing steel pipes; GB8163-2008 seamless steel pipes; GB/T3092-2008 Welded steel pipes and other standard hydraulic test conditions.

Working pressure: ≤120 MPa

Working temperature: -20℃~+80℃

Working medium: water, emulsion, hydraulic oil

3. Material

Polyurethane + reinforced materials

4. Design standards

Refer to the tolerance of GB/T3672.1-2002.

5. Examples of order marks

The specification model and order number of the sealing element are indicated, or only the order number may be indicated.

Example: Model V170X140X80 Order No. Y605 

6. Schematic diagram of assembly structure



Specification model and groove size


No. Type Groove dimensions Sealing type Order No.
D(H7) d(h9) H+0.2
1 V60×45×35 60 44.990 35 I Y601
2 V65×51×35 65 50.900 35 I Y602
3 V75×55×35 75 54.990 35 I Y603
4 V130×100×80 130 99.880 80 II Y604
5 V170×140×80 170 139.855 80 II Y605
6 V185×165×55 185 164.855 55 II Y606
7 V205×175×80 205 174.855 80 II Y607
8 V340×300×90 340 299.810 90 II Y608
9 V385×345×85 385 344.810 85 II Y609


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